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Golf In Northern Minnesota


Golfers have it good in Northern Minnesota during Pandemic. Our family went to the Cities yesterday to visit family we haven't seen since the beginning of March.

On Thursday & Friday I contacted and spoke with five golf professionals at five different public facilities in the Woodbury & St. Paul area trying to reserve a tee time and sharing best business practices. A couple of days in advance these five facilities were sold out until almost 4 PM yesterday, Saturday June 6th. I noticed some tee times open up yesterday in the afternoon and contacted Eagle Valley Golf Course, a fantastic 18 hole facility owned by the city of Woodbury. A opportunity at 3 PM for three of us to play paired up with a single was granted with some cancellations with a changed weather forecast for potential late afternoon storms.

We teed off at 3 PM, no carts were available and walked off the 18th green at 7:15 in light rain followed by thunder and lightning starting soon after with the horn being blown for the day. The golf course was in excellent condition and the staff and overall experience was great. In visiting with the staff along with the other facilities I called a few days before learning a few things about golfing anytime in the cities during this year. Plan and have your tee time 5 to 7 days out and when booking your tee time and make sure you add a golf cart to your reservation. The golf courses are packed, and with good weather good luck just reserving a tee time within a couple of hours of when you want to play. Many of the golf courses do not have a car fleet big enough to accommodate our current single rider rules and many golfers if they want to play sometimes need to walk.

This was great to see and great to witness the game growing and the potential for the sport to rebound in our area after many tough years. As restrictions lift and golfers start traveling North, staying in our hotels and visiting family they haven't seen in awhile, the tee sheets will start increasing in play 5 to 7 days in advance, rather than one day or the day of. The pandemic has forced change and proper planning for a tee time and I am sure it's this way in many parts of the country. Golf in Northern Minnesota has great opportunity and in time golfers in these highly populated areas will start traveling for a tee time. Eagle Valley's operation was safe, simple & sanitized, the same game plan we are using at Duluth Golf and with the new cup lifter's in place. Golfer's want this experience during this Pandemic, it's notice able and it's great to see so many people playing this great sport during 2020.