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Fall Golf & Facemasks


Best time of the year to play in Duluth. The past couple of years we would always start hearing from the golfers around the middle of September this could be my last round of the year.

Weather, sporting activities, schedules, the list went on and on, on what could effect a possible future golf round in the next four weeks. This year is obviously different, golfers are planning and booking tee times further out and for sure this season weather will be the only determining factor on to decide the day of, to play golf or not to play golf.

As the Fall Season leaves us here in Northern, Minnesota it will be time to start thinking of setting up the indoor golf range at Enger Park with the Skytrak Simulator. It will also be time to start thinking of some road trips south this winter to golf. To fly or to drive somewhere warm to keep your game in shape. Pricing for lessons and indoor range use will be posted middle of October and if anyone needs assistance with planning a golf trip, or would like some information on Southern golf courses please ask.

Golfers, the Duluth Golf Team would like to thank all of you for helping us with our Pandemic Program this year. Facemasks in the club house, practicing social distancing, leaving the golf course at dusk, the list goes on and on with changes that we all had to adhere to for everyone's safety and to have the opportunity to play this season. We are all hoping to play as close as possible to Sunday, November 1st this year. But if we fall a few days short and close the golf course for the season we would like to remind everyone still to follow the rules with facemasks inside the clubhouse and practicing social distancing on the course and around the clubhouse facilities to the very last day we can play.

Towards the end of September tee times each day will start at 7:30 AM and in October tee times will start at 8:00 AM each day. This week teeing off before 3:15 PM in the afternoon will give you a chance of getting in 18 holes. The end of this month the sun goes down at 6:45 PM and with a little cloud covers it gets dark quick. Enjoy the last few rounds of the year at Enger Park Golf Course and thank you golfers for a challenging but still fantastic 2020 Golf Season with Duluth Golf.