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COVID-19 Closes Clubhouse

Last Wednesday March 11th and moving through the weekend to today much change has happened to all of us just dealing with all the changes on how daily life within the country and the world moving forward will change.

City to City / County to County and State to State changes are coming until further notice. It might be some time that we all feel comfortable continuing with our daily routines.

The Enger Park Clubhouse & the Lester Park Clubhouse is closed to the public until further notice. If you would like to purchase your 2020 Annual Pass or your 2020 Skyline Card please call us at Enger Park on Tuesday's & Thursday's between 9:00AM & 3:00PM at 218-723-3451 ext 3. After hours please hit ext 5 and leave us a message and I will get back to you.

Around the Country this is affecting everyone different within the golf business. We in Duluth can take this time to prepare and be ready for the 2020 Golf Season. If you plan on buying a 2020 Annual Pass or 2020 Skyline Card why wait, and why stand in line when the grass turns green some time in April. Save that time and prepare now, we have the time now to get you set up with your season and mail you your card. We are extending our dozen and chance to win the Srixon Golf Bag until Friday April 17th, we will draw and give away the bag on this date. Golf Balls will be set aside with your name on them and you can pick them up when the Club House reopens or we can meet you outside on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When we are cleared to open the Clubhouse and the Golf Course who knows what changes might be coming our way for the first few weeks or even months we are open. Golf is one sport that we stand 6 feet from everyone. Things may change for awhile as far as how many people are permitted in the clubhouse at one time, food and beverage purchases, golf carts, range spacing and putting green spacing. Use this time to stay healthy and get in shape, be ready for the season when we are permitted to start. There are a lot of work out APPS to download to your phone, walk or run outside, swing some clubs outside on the nice days - do something other than watch TV and fill your stomach.

We will extend all 2019 Golf Shop Credit until April 30th 2020. You may use these winnings and credit towards, 2020 Annual Passes, 2020 Skyline Cards & 2020 Pro Shop Merchandise. We have already received some new merchandise and more will be arriving weekly. If you need something for this season, and once we open be ready to use your 2019 Golf Shop Credit. Gift Cards are good forever, so if you have some that were purchased or if you won them from some of our larger events you have time with these to spend.

Golf will survive this, and the golf community will need to adapt to some changes that maybe coming our way because of this. In time with all of us listening to the rules and being safe and healthy, we'll all get to hear that great sound of the ball hitting going into the hole.