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What Has Golf Done For You?

Since I was 15 years old, I have been surrounded by the game of golf and benefited greatly by spending what felt like 18 hours a day at various golf courses... I have seen my fair share of business deals, meltdowns and presses on the course. There is just something special about what being around golf does to a kid. Being dropped off at 8am, picked up at 5pm - playing games with friends all day, ball hunting, waiting to be picked for a caddying gig, having conversations with guys 4x your age about stocks, how to make connections and so much more! It helps a kid learn early on in life the importance of work and play. Teaching you that waking up at 3am to work until late isn't all too bad, really. Because during that day, you'll encounter a lot of people who will teach you something in life that you realize later on. Like the group of 70+ year old guys who golf at the course every Tuesday morning since they could remember. Seeing kids who were just like you once and watching the nervousness as they hit the first tee and the excitement as they walk in after breaking 100 for the first time. Couples who come here to wind down & bond, and on and on.....

Golf isn't just a game - it's about the community and making memories that last a lifetime with family and friends who will be there with you along the journey of life. So... what has golf done for you?

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