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July Turf Update

It was a pleasure having Dan McDonald from BCG’s Orchard Valley in Chicago assisting us at both Lester Park and Enger Park for the past month. Dan was instrumental in getting the irrigation system operational at Lester Park in addition to supporting the greens grow-in team at Enger Park. Thank you Dan!!

The Middle Nine greens recovery at Enger Park is on schedule. The greens are being fertilized, topdressed, and cut regularly and are looking great. The conditioning of the greens will be stepped up considerably and we plan to open them back up for play this Saturday, July 13th. 

The Front Nine greens reseeding has begun. Greens #1, 2, 4, and 7 were completed the last week of June and have germinated already with the help of the recent warm/hot weather. The remaining greens will be prepped and seeded after the 4th of July holiday.We are working hard to get the course back to the conditions we are all used to and as always appreciate your patience throughout this whole processes.

Hope to see everyone at Enger or Lester soon!


The Duluth Golf Team

Dan and Dale at Lester Park Golf Course in Duluth, MN featuring green grass, a golf flag, pine trees and lake superior in the background.
Greens at Enger Park golf course in Duluth, MN.
Greens at Enger Park golf course in Duluth, MN.