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Turf Update June 20th

 Greeting Duluth Golfers,

Our seeds have been very busy since we sent our last update and we are very excited to share our teams progress from the last few weeks. After putting down the seed, we expected our seeds to germinate in ten days, they germinated in 5 (germination is a fancy word for when a seedling sprouts from a seed). We are now a little over ten days into the new growth and are seeing nice results.

The greens are being fertilized weekly. We have also rolled and cut them for the first time on Saturday, June 15th and did so again on Wednesday, June 19th. This growth is a great sign and despite less than ideal cool temperatures we are seeing the greens fill in nicely. As always, we are hoping mother nature cooperates with us to make the process as smooth and effective as possible.

Check out our facebook page to see some videos of our team in action. We will continue to send updates about our greens and their growing progress.


The Duluth Golf Team

Mowing the greens with trees in the background at Enger Park Golf Course