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Time To Get In Shape

Golfers - use the off season to get your body in shape for that winter trip down south and for next season. Take a break from swing technique and get you in shape. Winter is the ideal time to eat healthy and get in better shape to save some strokes off your golf game. 

We all want to hit the ball farther, at any age. In order to do this we need to swing faster. The off season is the perfect time to work on walking / running / lunging / jumping and stretching. If you can become faster, your swing will become faster. 

If you ride a golf cart for your round you average just over 1 mile walking. If you walk you average in between 5 & 7 miles walking depending on the golf course you are playing. Taking this into consideration when you play golf, think of how long your workouts need to be to stay in shape for that next golf round and increasing your swing speed.