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Spring Tune Up

Some of you started the season with great swings and a great round - but for most of us it took a round or two to work out the kinks and get back into shape after not swinging a golf club for the past few months. All 54 holes are now open and we are permitting golf carts on all of them, both driving ranges are open and new range balls have arrived. Enger Park Golf Course has been open for just over twenty days and Lester Park Golf Course today is day eighteen. 

The season is here with a very busy 2018 Event Calendar, Junior Golf starting within three weeks, Friday Night Couple's Events, League Play etc. etc. The 2018 Golf Season with Duluth Golf will be very exciting, great team's at both facilities and both golf courses are playing very well considering a long stretched out winter. If you have any questions on anything this year or need a quick swing tune up on the range, please drop me a line at mbender@golfduluth.com , thank you.