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Spring Cleaning

Many of us were hoping to watch some great golf on TV this weekend and then hit a ball here in Duluth next Thursday, April 12th. We are all going to get to watch The Master's this weekend, but unless it warms up very fast the chance of hitting a golf ball next Thursday is probably not going to happen here in Duluth. 

Spring Cleaning usually takes a couple of days but this year could be the entire month of April. The long-range weather forecast is cold, snow is melting slowly and we are now looking at a later start date that could possibly be the last week of the month. 

All golfers are going to want to get out to that driving range and 1st tee ASAP when the golf course opens. Season Passes and Skyline Cards are available for purchase now, and please stop in and buy before that first day we are open. New in 2018 is 10% off all pro shop purchases with an Annual Pass or a Skyline Card, The Enger Park Pro Shop is receiving new merchandise daily and will be stocked fully by the end of the month. The Lester Park Pro Shop is also receiving new merchandise and will be stocked by the middle of May. 

Mark your calendars for a weekend at Enger Park Golf Course - Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, April 21st from 8 am to 12 pm and Spring Clean Up on Sunday, April 22nd from 11 am to 4 pm.

Please call the Enger Park Pro Shop at 218 723 3451 ext 3, Monday to Saturday 9 to 2 we are open until the golf course opens for play, and then we will have extended hours. Please call before you come down, some days off-site meetings or a quick drive to Lester Park and back takes me away for a few hours.