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Season Ending Soon

The last four days the weather & golf course conditions have been so good, and it's so sad that our season is slowly coming to an end for 2019. Today is the last day the front 9 will be open at Enger Park GC. The middle 9 is planning to stay open as long as weather will allow. Golfer's get out and play this afternoon, 60 degrees and sunny in October. 

Important Notes and Date's ahead, 
1) Watch Facebook & Instagram mid week as we might plan one more event for next Saturday Oct. 26th at 9 AM
2) Sunday Oct. 27th at 3 PM the Driving Range Closes for the Season
3) Tuesday Oct. 29th is the last day golf cars will be on the golf course. The entire golf car fleet will be taken away from both Enger Park & Lester Park this winter as a new fleet of cars will be delivered in the spring. We are still working on the details and will share the information in 2020. 
4) Middle 9 will stay open as long as possible, if we can get to Sunday November 3rd or a few days after and have a couple of golf able days this year in November, we'll give it a try. BUT - If weather turns on us, the above time line may get cut short to get everything prepared for the white stuff.