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Lester Park's Last Day FORE Golf

A great 2018 season is coming to an end after this weekend. On Sunday September 30th at noon the driving range will close for the season and on Monday October 1st the golf course and club house will close for the season. The maintenance team will start aerification on all greens and do maintenance practices putting Lester Park Golf Course to bed for the winter months ahead. The club house will re open mid April with an estimated opening date of May 1st 2019. 

Enger Park Golf Course will stay open until the last possible day this fall. In the weeks ahead look for a schedule of one nine a week closing, along with 1/2 the fleet of golf carts being prepared for the winter months. The Enger Park clubhouse will be open a couple of days a week through the winter moving into full time hours around April 1st 2019. 

Every golfer needs at least three to four more rounds this year in October - it's tough to see the season come to an end - but it's not over yet so let's keep swinging.