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Is Your Golf Game in Shape

One month has passed us by here in Duluth with no golf. There won't be any golf until at least April - and that's if we are lucky next spring so what are you doing to do, to keep your golf game in shape over a long five month's?

You never know when you might get the chance to head down south for a few rounds or maybe you already have that vacation or snowbird three month get away already set up. Here are the top three ways to keep your game in shape:

1) Weight Training & Cardio
2) Improve Your Mental Game 
3) Learn to like Yoga or Pilates

1 & 3 are self explanatory, get in shape and work on a strong core. Improving your mental game by watching videos, reading books and building a 2019 pre-shot routine. I have played with many golfers that just walk up to the ball and hit it, with hardly any thought or game plan.

Time to hit it like a Rockstar - they all have routines before they hit the stage and your pre-shot routine is very important on the golf course, it will help you with focus, rhythm and relieving tension in pressure situations. You can build the same routine for all shots on the golf course or you can change it up from teeing ground, to fairway to on the green. Your pre-shot routine is your time, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, you pick it. Practice swings, again you pick it. The greatest thing about the pre-shot routine is it's "Yours". You build it and stick to it and see how well your golf shots and score turn out in 2019 rather then just walking up to the ball with the hit it and hope routine.