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Golfer's Get Ready

Golfers - the 2018 Spring Golf Season is going to be a great one here in Duluth and in the sport of golf. The past few months there has been some fantastic golf tournaments on TV to watch, probably another one this weekend and then The Master's in early April. TV Ratings are up and 2018 could be the year "Golf" is back in the spotlight. 

Most of us Minnesotans, that have not swung a club that much this winter or haven't at all let's get started and prepared for the 2018 Season. Here are three "Tips" to work on soon!

1) Go sign up for your 2018 Duluth Golf Pass, don't wait for that first round and stand in line, prepare early. 2) Organize your golf gear and attire, it might be time for change and let that shirt go you received in 2002, it is done - buy a new one and prepare to start the season off fresh. 3) You have around 4 to 5 weeks to get in shape. Start walking, jogging or running. The players on TV are in better shape on the 14th and 15th hole on day four of a tournament than their 1st hole on day one. Having your body ready to go for all those range balls you are going to hit along with getting to the golf course for that first round of the year will prepare you to stay safe and injury free for the 2018 Golf Season.