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Golf is a Changing Game

We have all witnessed some changes over the last couple years, along with some changes to the rules of golf in the last couple of months. We are not done yet - as the best is still yet to come. Golf is evolving and changing, and after all it is just a game, a game that anyone can play for a lifetime.

Some new golf products and changes that have come to the industry and that will help grow the game are the Simulators, wow has technology improved from playing made up courses to the actual real life golf courses from around the world. Launch Monitors that are as big as your phone that you can set up at the driving range and then blue tooth the information back to your phone, your entire ball flight practice session now available for your review.  Finally - dress code, it is becoming more relaxed with un tucked shirts, t shirts and finally some new companies in the golf world ready to shake things up with some style. 

The year ahead looks very exciting, I had a chance to play five rounds a couple of weeks ago and I am ready for more golf ASAP. All players can easily start preparing for the year in the next six to eight weeks while we watch snow melt. Here are a few tips to help you get start your golf season off in Duluth, Minnesota. 

1) Get In Shape / Walk or Run / Hit the Gym 
2) Buy your Annual Pass or Skyline Card with Duluth Golf Soon!
3) Plan your Event Play for the Year
4) Research New Golf Product and Talk with Your PGA Golf Professional
5) Is this the year for Lessons / Plan for Practice and Improvement Early in March or April
6) Look at your Closet - Yep - The golf shirt still hanging there from two years ago - Your not going to wear it so replace it. 
7) Watch Golf on TV
8) Follow your Favorite Golfers on Instagram / You will learn something
9) Most of All in 2019 - Have Fun - It's Just a Game