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Enger Park's Last Day FORE Golf

The end to the 2018 Golf Season is near in Duluth. Lester Park Golf Course was prepared for the winter months in early October with just a few finishing touches needed still before the snow and colder temperatures are upon us. Enger Park Golf Course has closed the back and front nines over the past few weeks and yesterday was the last day for golf carts on the course and the practice facility. Enger Park's Middle 9 is still open for walking, and the weather looks okay to finish off the month of October. 

Sometime this week a final closing date will be picked, and our final nine holes will be prepared for the snow and colder temperatures upon us. This fall was completely different then last year's ten plus inches of snow on Friday October 27th. That set golf course superintendents up for a lot of work the following few days shoveling greens and still properly doing the procedures to prepare for winter. This past October, the time and preparation along with some help from the weather in delaying any big storms has allowed us to attend to all 54 golf holes in Duluth.