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Enger Park Golf Course Green Aerate Schedule

Why do golf courses do it when weather and greens are great! It's tough on all of us, operators and golfers but it is a maintenance practice that is critical to turf's health and performance. Aerating when the grass is at peak health will encourage quick recovery and minimize playing surface disruption. 

Enger Park Golf Course will start aerating the greens on Monday August 20th thru Thursday August 23rd. There is some rain in the forecast for next week and this may effect the schedule. The nice part about aerating in Duluth is we have 54 golf holes.

Golfers, Lester Park is in fantastic condition and tee times are available next week. 

Thanks You Golfers for your Patience with golf course conditions. It has been a tough summer with dry fairways but I have heard many great comments as this gives many a chance for that 300 yard tee shot. Lester Park won't be aerating greens until first week of October. Duluth Golf will be in fantastic condition by Labor Day Weekend and through out September finishing off a great 2018 season.