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Enger Park GC Middle 9 Turf Condition Update

Based on feedback provided by the Duluth golf community during an open-forum meeting co-hosted by City of Duluth Parks and Recreation and Billy Casper Golf earlier this week, reseeding efforts will commence to address winter turf damage at Enger Park Golf Course. The City of Duluth, in conjunction with Billy Casper Golf, have determined that reseeding greens in stages is the best direction for recovery efforts to address winter turf damage at Enger Park Golf Course. This solution balances quality and quantity of play with golfer experience through our relatively short golf season in Duluth.  
Immediate recovery efforts will focus on re-seeding the Middle 9 greens. The Middle 9 will be closed to golf and foot traffic while the green surfaces are seeded and grown in with bent grass. During this process, the Front 9 will remain open. When the Middle 9 is recovered, the Front 9 will close for re-seeding and recovery. Each set of greens will require approximately four weeks, weather permitting, for successful reseeding efforts. This solution keeps 18 holes open at Enger Park to accommodate all league play, events, and tee time requests and maintains 27 holes at Lester Park throughout the entire 2019 golf season. We expect to have 27 holes opened at Enger Park late in the season.
The City of Duluth values the input received from the Duluth golf community and remains committed to offering a quality golf experience at both Enger Park and Lester Park golf courses.
As the recovery efforts advance, Billy Casper Golf will regularly update the golfing community with progress reports. We are committed to open communication during the recovery process and appreciate your patience as we work hand in hand with mother nature to bring the damaged greens back to the conditions area residents are accustomed to experiencing at Duluth Golf.

Warmly, The Duluth Golf Staff