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Do You Walk or Ride When You Golf

Many golfers comment they play better when they walk, others need or want to ride when they play golf. Here is a quick tip on preparing for your second, third shot and so on if you decide to ride a golf cart. It might take a few shots off your score. 

Park the golf cart behind your golf ball 10 to 15 yards away, take your club and walk up to the ball instead of parking the golf cart on the right or left side of your ball, and walking a couple of steps to your ball at an angle. 

In basketball, when awarded a free throw, the player doesn't walk up to the free throw line on an angle, you'll notice the player walks two to three steps directly up to the line preparing for the free throw. In hockey when a penalty shot is awarded, the player again skates towards the puck and not from the bench or an angle - so why in golf do most players prepare from the right or left side of the ball, and not walking up towards it. 

This routine change might make a big difference in your golf shot the next time you are riding a cart. When walking a golf round this happens naturally, from 100's of yards away. In a golf cart, try it for at least 10 to 15 yards away and see your shots improve, the result will be your score going down.