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Competitive Golf

Throughout my years I’ve played in many golf tournaments. There is something about golf tournaments that’s different than just a normal 2:00 pm tee time with your buddies. Its forcing you to get out of your comfort zone and get to know other people while still being able to compete against them. Read More

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.

One could argue that the golf course is where you can express your fashion sense, or none at all.  One look at John Daly and you’ll understand what I mean. Through my years at the golf course I have seen every crazy outfit in the book, Now that a new golf season is upon us shortly. I’m looking Read More

OMG... Not Again!

It’s no secret that golf is primarily a mental game. What’s your trigger? For me, it’s #8 on the lake nine. In my opinion the Lake Nine at LPGC is the best nine the city of Duluth has to offer, with one exception – the par 3 #8. I could be 1+ though the nine and take a 7 on a simple par 3! We all Read More

What Has Golf Done For You?

Since I was 15 years old, I have been surrounded by the game of golf and benefited greatly by spending what felt like 18 hours a day at various golf courses... I have seen my fair share of business deals, meltdowns and presses on the course. There is just something special about what being around Read More

New! Join The Text Club!

Join The Text Club!Duluth Golf is excited to deliver a new way to stay current on golf specials and offers! Simply text DULUTH to 24587 and you'll be included in our updates! In addition to special deals sent right to the palm of your hand, we'll be sending out a FREE round of golf once a month Read More

2016 Polar Bear Scramble!

Read More

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