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Winter Hours

Although the courses are covered in snow, we are open for you to purchase memberships, merchandise and to reminisce about warmer weather. For the latest hours, contact the golf shop. Open HoursJanuary Golf Shop // Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am-2pmAdditional Evening & Weekend Read More

Putt Pure II

Here are a few notes to think about this winter on putting. Putting consumes on average around 43% of the strokes for golfers / players. Player "A" scores a 72 with 31 putts and Player "B" scores a 79 with 34 putts. Putting is a vital part of the score and part of the game. If you don't putt Read More

Putt Pure

A couple of tips on working on your putting stroke during the off season you can do anywhere. 1) Use a couple of big books or blocks of wood and align them on the floor with just enough space for your putter head to fit in between them. Place a golf ball down in the center, assume your posture Read More

Time To Get In Shape

Golfers - use the off season to get your body in shape for that winter trip down south and for next season. Take a break from swing technique and get you in shape. Winter is the ideal time to eat healthy and get in better shape to save some strokes off your golf game. We all want to hit the Read More

Fall Golf in Minnesota

Best time of the year to play, cool temperatures, courses in great condition, color on the trees and your golf swing should be at it's finest - after all you have had the last five to six months to figure it out. Golf shops are having their end of season sales and booking new merchandise to come Read More

Aerification is Necessary

It might annoy golfers for a few days, but without aerification, putting surfaces die. This is a highly beneficial golf course practice.Three objectives,1) It relieves soil compaction,2) It provides a method to improve the soil mixture around the highest part of a green's roots,3) It reduces Read More

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